The flowers in my grandpa’s garden are starting to grow again after winter, even if the weather isn’t so great! The daffodils pretty much bloomed over night which was suprising but my favourite flowers are the bright purple ones, no clue what it’s called though 😀


  1. i am in love with these flowers. Specially the last one, combining flowers with water is SUBLIME to me. THANKS ! this pic made my day 🙂

  2. @Shaymaa – I love them too 😀

    @Jacqui – yah it is! my favourite season

    @Swair – awwww burble!

    @3baid – thanks 😀

    @Ansam – exactly, my bedroom has doors out to the garden 😀

    @Marzouq – because they bulldoze them all down 😛

    @Abdullah – thanks for your comment, I like the water drops too!

    @nono – thanks, all my grandpa’s hard work 😀

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