Ever since switching to WordPress years ago from the nasty Greymatter, I’ve loved it! I started my blog in 2003 using Greymatter but there came a time when I needed more out of my blogging software & that’s when I decided to make the switch. Sadly in the process, I lost all my archives as there was no auto-import solution (at the time) from A to B and manually adding over 200 entries was not going to happen! I kinda miss having archives from the beginning when I first started, but you can’t have everything you want!

I use ALOT of plugins for my blog & here is a list of those I couldn’t live without. If you use wordpress & are looking for plugins, then check them out…



  1. I have a question. I’m pretty new in this and would like to get a domain name and really don’t know how to manage a website. What is required and where is the cheapest deal on the internet? Please help me because I am pretty clueless. I definitely need a website up for my idea of opening up a business, rather a blog.

  2. @Laila – it’s all pretty easy once you get the hang of it. What I’ll do is email you the steps you gotta take ok?

  3. I love your site and I hope its not too much trouble but could you also send me some tips too? I’d love to start a blog but its just so hard and I dont know where to start >.<

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