March 2009


A few weeks ago I was sent a package containing various skincare products from Aveeno®, a brand under Johnson & Johnson’s to review on my blog. I wasn’t quite sure what the products were or what I’d be getting but when the package arrived I was shocked, I knew I was getting samples to test but I never realised I’d be getting the actual market sizes of each, an added bonus! In the package were 3 different items; a 200ml bottle of Daily Moisturising Lotion, 100ml bottle of Cream & a 50g sachet of Colloidal Bath Powder.

Before I give my review on the products, here’s a little background information on the brand:

Aveeno® is a range of skincare solutions containing naturally active ingredients, designed specifically for all types of dry skin – from mild to extremely dry. The makers of Aveeno have uniquely captured the benefits of naturally active ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal and shea butter, to give you beautiful, soft and healthy-looking skin.

The Aveeno range has been recommended by dermatologists around the world for 60 years for the management of dry skin and associated conditions such as eczema, and provides an effective way of undoing winter weather damage.

When I read all the gargon that came with the products, I was happy because lately I’ve been suffering from really dry skin mainly due to the Implanton implant in my arm to help ease my stomach pains, but as a result I’ve ended up with really bad skin which I hate! I previously used E45 cream to help but I found it too oily & thick on my skin so I didn’t use it on a daily basis and was always on the look out for another product to try.

The first product I tried (along with my mom, the guinea pig) was the Cream which I’ve been using daily ever since I recieved it. The cream is fragrance free which is good because sometimes if you have sensitive skin plus it has some tiny microbead size Oatmeal bits acting almost as an exfoliant at the same time. When rubbing the cream onto my hands & face, they both instantly felt smoother, softer and absorbed into the skin quickly without any oiliness which is something that I’ve found hard to find in other creams. From using it on my face the most, it’s extremely soothing and I have noticed that various blemishes have reduced dramatically. The cream almost acts like a barrier as well to protect the skin & I have been using the cream under my makeup as a base which helps stop any skin from flaking off. I would really recommend this cream for daily use & was my favourite from the items recieved. I will be buying it again once this tube runs out!

I then decided to try out the Colloidal Bath Powder where you had to sprinkle the sachet into warm running water. When I opened the sachet, I was met by a heavy smell of oatmeal which I really didn’t like (maybe since I can’t stand porridge oats!) but I went ahead with the testing. The powder floated on the surface of the water leaving an oily residue and when coming out the bath, bits of clumped powder was left on my skin. All of the above factors ruined the product for me which was a shame as I had high expectations after good results with the cream. I personally wouldn’t buy the Colloidal Bath Powder again, I’m more a bubble bath kinda girl but everyone has their own preferences.

Lastly, I tried the Daily Moisturising Lotion which is supposed to moisturise dry skin for 24 hours. I found this product very similiar to the Cream but with a thinner consistancy, which means it will last longer. I tried it on my arms, neckline, stomach and legs and noticed a difference after a few days of use. Like the Cream it made my skin softer, smoother & dried into my skin quickly without any oiliness. It would be a good product to use after a bubble bath and waxing/shaving. I’d probably buy this product again and use it in conjunction with the Cream as I found that they really do work as all the research & documentation says.

Aveeno® can be bought in Large Boots Stores (in the UK) & Independant Pharmacies (in the UK and USA). To see information on a research study trial between Aveeno® and Netdoctor into dry skin conditions, you can read all about it here.

I’m currently on a diet & slowly losing weight which is good, but the bad thing is, I’m craving all the food I shouldn’t lol. Mom & I are trying new recipes that are low fat since we cut out fried food & junk (I miss Pizza Hut the most!). Anyhooo the other day Mom bought some little frying steaks which I thought would be great in a Steak Sandwich (craving’s are a bitch!) & tonight I cooked that for dinner, the good thing is, it’s healthy… even down to the fries which we had along with it (I cheated on them, didn’t make them, they are Weight Watcher’s oven fries)! So here is the recipe with food porn photographs 😛

Ingredients for 2 people:

2 Panini or Ciabatta rolls
2 Tomatoes sliced
A Handful of Salad Leaves (I’m currently digging Tenderleaf Mix)
1 Large Onion chopped
4 Frying Steaks (Or minute steaks, hell you could even use a normal steak & slice it up!)
Ground Black Pepper
Chilli Hot Sauce (I use Timor from Quinta d’Avó from Portugal which my brother got me, it’s amazing!)
1 Teaspoon of Chopped Garlic
Some Mayo, Ketchup or Mustard for Dressing (or all if you want!)
Fry Light Sunflower Oil Spray (if you want to be healthy, or just use a little Sunflower/Vegetable Oil)


In a frying pan, squirt some cooking spray (or use oil, whatever you like) and fry the chopped onions with the garlic until brown then add a teaspoon or two or three (if you like it spicy) of chilli sauce to give them a little kick. Leave to the side.

Next, you need to cook the steaks. I used the George Foreman Grill to cook them since it’s healthier (but you could fry them in a pan if you don’t have one). Before cooking, I rubbed them with ground pepper & a few teaspoons of the chilli sauce mix. The good thing about these steaks is that they cook in a few minutes, the ones we had cooked in less than 4 minutes, so this recipe is pretty fast 🙂

While they are cooking, get the panini rolls ready and add the tomatoes & lettuce to them along with your dressing(s) of choice. Once the steaks are ready, pop them into the rolls and top with the onions. Slice the rolls in half, stick in your mouth & enjoy 😀

The flowers in my grandpa’s garden are starting to grow again after winter, even if the weather isn’t so great! The daffodils pretty much bloomed over night which was suprising but my favourite flowers are the bright purple ones, no clue what it’s called though 😀

From Australian Daniel Merriweather’s upcoming debut album “Love & War” to be released mid April, this track has leaked on the web featuring UK Singer Adele. I love the track, it’s very very soulful & they sound great together!

And now you’re gone, there’s nothing else I want
And now that it’s over, there’s nothing else I want
And what have I done, looks like I was wrong
Is everything really meant to change
I guess we’re like water and a flame
Water and a flame

I recently got sent an email to review a t-shirt from Iffyton High Street via Fuel My Blog. I had a whole variety of different t-shirt’s that I could choose from within their website, but I ended up choosing a cartoon Michael Jackson one by Royal T which looked hilarious, documenting his various “looks” throughout the years.

The t-shirt arrived a couple of days ago and looked even better than it did on the website. The t-shirt is 100% cotton, high quality, comfortable and very soft on the skin which is always a good thing. When ordering the t-shirt online, I chose the wrong size (my own fault really) so instead of modelling it on myself, I used my brother as my guinea pig and now he wants to steal the t-shirt & keep it from himself 😀

Washing the t-shirt couldn’t be as easy, just pop it in the machine inside out at a warm temperature with similar colors and once it has been washed, tumble dry but it cannot be ironed or dry cleaned, but if you are worried about creases, just take the t-shirt could the tumble dryer just before it’s about to stop while it’s still warm and it should be crease free (a tip my mom taught me!)

This particular t-shirt is available on the website for £12.99 which I think is great value for money due to the quality of the product. Only available in one color, a brownish/green, you can get it in sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large, so you can always find the right fit for you.

Iffyton High Street has a great variety of t-shirts available for sale, under various different brands, such as Royal T in their website which is such a great innovative design made to look like a real shopping high street. Ordering is really simple, very user friendly & easy to navigate through.

I’d really recommend you check them out & order a t-shirt! It was so good, even the dog liked it…

I hate it when you’re tired & hop into bed for the night just to stay awake listening to your belly rumbling demanding to be fed!

My whole family is on a health kick so all the yummy goodies I had before are now banned and should be erased from my vocabulary 🙁

I shall now attempt to snooze and fight through the cravings

Apple released a new version of the iPod shuffle today, with brand new design making it skinner & longer than previous! As well as a new design, it holds 4gb of music and VoiceOver technology which enables you to click a button and the name of the track & artist will be given to you.

At just 45.2mm in height & 7.8mm in thickness, it’s available in Silver or Black for £59.