I’m beginning to pack up my things from my apartment ready for my move to my grandfather’s house. I’m leaving the city & going to the suburbs 🙂

Packing is kinda hard because you never know where to start, so far I’ve thrown clothes into bags which I’ll put in the back of mom’s car tomorrow then figure the rest out in the next few days.

It’s gonna be weird moving back to my grandfather’s house full time, the last time I lived there fully was when I moved to Glasgow to start Uni, we didn’t have this apartment & I was living with my grandfather. Now he’s gone, my parents are buying his house & will renovate it making it much larger that the current state. At least I won’t need to listen to annoying electric guitar guy & will have company! Living alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes *sigh*

Note: it’s been 6 months and 7 days since he’s been gone, I’m still counting but slowly it’s getting easier. I miss him like crazy though!


  1. Its always good to remember someone special! Even though you miss me, evenually those memories will make you smile. Goodluck with the packing. I have to do that soon and I’m completely not looking forward to it!

  2. am sorry about your grandpa *hugs* life goes on as they say,, the good thing is that it won’t be all new to you.. you’ve lived there and you know how it feels to live in that house..

    living in the house would keep you more attached to your memories with your grandpa… so it’s a valuable move =) enjoy it

  3. hey sweetie, good luck with the move and don’t forget your grandpa’s always watching over you so smile! 🙂

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