At the end of January the power port of my laptop broke so I put it into a shop to fix, 2 weeks later I got it back & had to pay £115 for it as I had to get a new charger along with it!

I’ve now had the laptop back for 2 weeks & it’s broken again after the guy said he fixed it & it won’t happen again!

I’m pissed off & have to wait until Monday to go back to the shop & demand them to fix it for free!

& they better *grrr*

Update: Just took it back, it’s still under the warranty they gave so they’ll have a look again & see what’s up. I just hope they don’t come back now & say that there is another problem!


  1. I hate that, i suspect the guy will tell you there’s no warranty on the fix and you’ll have to pay some more, well they might not do that but dont be caught of guard if they do!

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