The dog has a complex, he’s weird and I mean very weird!

Lately, he will not eat his doggy biscuits unless you are standing next to him telling him he’s a good boy & clever. If you don’t tell him those things, he won’t eat his biscuits! I think he just likes being called a good boy haha

When he needs the toilet, he runs like a loony bin to the back door to get out in the garden, which is good, at least he doesn’t pee or poop in the house like my brothers dog :grr: anyway if he needs to pee or poop, he’s very shy and doesn’t like anyone looking at him when he’s doing it. If he sees you looking at him, he moves location and makes sure you cannot see him before he does his stuff!

It’s hilarious but he’s a cutie & here’s a video to prove it 😛


  1. Miss-Informed Reply

    lol cool dog. I remember when I was a kid, I used to run after my cat to see her poop behind a tree. She would look at me and make a weird threatening sound like a different version of “grrrr”.

    I also know this other person with a very nasty cat. They somehow made her angry so she pooped in front of the TV while they’re watching.

    Now that’s what I call interesting fun animals!

  2. This dog should win an award. I’m giggling to myself just imagining it hiding trying to take a dump hahaha.

  3. LOL! He definitely is a smart one. Sounds like he’s conditioned to only eat the treat when doing something well which prompted the “Good boy or Clever” remark. Did you use it as a reward when training him? Cute dog. Probably thinks it’s a command.

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