I’ve had a migrane for 14 hours now! I’ve tried sleeping, drinking lot of water, lying down in a darkened room, eating…. but nothing worked and to make matters worse, I had no pain killer at home & by the time I figured that out, the pharmacy was closed!

I woke up with the migrane at 10am and now it’s 12:30am and it’s not as bad as it has been all day, I don’t feel that my eyeballs are going to pop outta my head but I still feel all weird!

I’m going to go back to sleep now & see how I feel when I wake up 🙁


  1. I hope your migraine goes away with sleep. I hate having them. Maybe you should see a specialist to get something for them for when you have a really bad one.

  2. Miss-Informed Reply

    Are you eating well?

    Try this: (works for me- sometimes hehe)

    Sit on the floor, in a quiet room, close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths, hold for 4 seconds and then exhale. Do this until you feel extremely relaxed, then try to visualize yourself completely healthy without any sign or shred of pain at the same time try to block the existence of your current pain.

    It might take a bit of practice but with time you’ll be able to do self-healing quite easily without the need for meds 🙂 It’s possible to use your subconscious mind to heal your system. I know it’s a lot of wacko-gibberish but might be worth trying when there are no meds hehehe.

  3. Salamat hon! I have suffered from Migraines for some time… I was forced to stop Coffee/chocolates/cafeinated soda… 🙁 But I still indulge at times 😀

    Hope u get better!

  4. OMG, I’m so sorry to hear that 🙁 i get migrains sometimes and it sucks. Hope you feel better *kisses*

  5. @Janet – eventualy it did, but it sucks! I get them alot & I hate having to pump myself with pills!

    @Arealist – thanks dear!

    @Miss-Informed – not really! it took 14 hours + 8 hours sleeping for it to go away. Napping in the afternoon, dark room, drinking tons of water didn’t help!

    @Omriano – thanks! I’m better now

    @Marzouq – I didn’t have any at home & was too dizzy to go out

    @Jacqui – *sigh* I know 🙁

    @Ansam – allah ysalmich ;*

    @Lavender – it is probably what I eat but I hate giving up what I love but I think I need too 🙁

    @Nouf – thanks dear ;* I hate them too

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