I hate em!

It’s 5:30am & I’m just about to sleep. I was trying for hours & hours but couldn’t and now my back is killing me *argh* yes I’m moaning and I’m blogging about my moaning and lack of sleep! Because of my non-sleepyness I’ll be lucky to wake up before 2pm dammit 🙁

So thank you to the repair man across the road who was drilling at 1am & my upstairs neighbour for banging around like an ass & to the 4 fire engines who past my window with loud sirens on just when I nearly past out hours ago 🙁

I’m passing out now!


  1. ooooh No wonder u couldn’t sleep my dear >_< I would not sleep if i was there too..

    u should have ear plugs while sleeping loOl

  2. OMG I hate Those Nights 🙁 I have the same issue cause the guy next door is fixing his floors

  3. I had a similar episode last night! Only I just couldnt sleep because I couldnt… for hours! And it was calm and quiet :-S That sucks!!!

  4. dear i find it funny when it happens to someone els..but as i live in the uni hostel right now i know how u feel:( and its not funny at all:(
    use ear plugs ..they work SOMEtimes 🙂

    and to the person named HI- plz neva ever wish someone to die!

  5. @MYTH.Graphy – yah it sucks sometimes! I wore ear plugs in the beginning but they kept popping out lol

    @rashisha – ouch! good luck

    @Ansam – sometimes that’s just as bad, when it’s so quiet it gets scary!

    @bea* – yeah uni dorm’s can be really noisy! I never lived in one because I was afraid of that! Ignore HI, he’s an idiot!

    @B – awww *hugs*

    @Marzouq – damn right!

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