Naturally 7 is a group that started in NYC in 1999. What makes N7 special is that every instrument and sound is created from the human voice without using actual instruments which is called “vocal play”. I found out about them from a You Tube video in which they sang/vocal played in the Paris Line 1 Metro doing a cover of Phil Collin’s In the Air Tonight.

They’ve released several albums, there latest being called Wall Of Sound and are pretty popular in Europe and relatively unknown in there native USA (maybe because they are based in Germany?). If you want to know more about them check out there website!

Here is the You Tube video that got me hooked

Note: The guy with the headphones on looks miserable & not very happy at the guys singing LOL


  1. They are pretty good! I do remember a group in the UK in about 2000/2001 that released a song and they used their voices for a all instruments too. Can’t remember their name though.

  2. Wow, they’re amazing!!! Its sad that the only songs that make it to the hitlist these days are whack! They mostly use auto-tune or have dull lyrics so u don’t see talent anymore!

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