… I chopped 7 inches off my hair *screams*

On Saturday I went with mom to the salon and showed the stylist the virtual makeover image that I created a few weeks back. She grabbed my ponytail and chopped it off so I couldn’t chicken out, then I saw all my hair lying on the floor, that was scary as I looked in the mirror! Instead of dyeing my hair darker, I decided to go lighter and get some caramel/blonde highlights instead.

The end result is cool but it’s a hell of a change & will take some getting used too, especially as I keep trying to grab my hair to put in into a ponytail & then realise that I can’t anymore LOL

Thanks to mom & dad for paying for it 😀


  1. I love it! Congrats on the new hair style! A New Year.. a New YOU! Mabrook! XOXO

  2. waaaayed cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im loving it!!!! such a gorgeous change 😀

  3. Na3imaan! Its cute!
    I’ve had short hair for two (or three) years now, I am finally growing it longer. After seeing your pic, I am tempted to chop mine off as well ;-P

  4. the style suits you michelle. really! 🙂 you look damn gorgeous and cute too..

    is it a rihanna one? 😛

  5. You chopped it off?
    I noticed in facebook, but didnt know you had THAT long cut off!

    I wish i have the courage to also. I have a hate/love relationship w my current hair.


    ps: ur SO cute w the bob =)!

  6. wow mashalla it looks great! I told you so if you remember at all lol lighter is a huge change, and it suits you a lot. Great choice!

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