I arrived back in the UK yesterday afternoon, pretty much miss Paris except for the shitty ass weather we were getting for the last few days. Snow is nice to look at, but trying to walk in it is another matter!

Snow turned to slush, slush turned to ice, sliding around while you walk isn’t great! What else isn’t great is only having flat pumps with you in that weather! Hell I never expected it to snow, I had to borrow a pair of my mom’s boots which were 1/2 a size smaller & my big toes killed after a while!

When we left Paris it was -7 degrees and when we got into Glasgow it was 6 degrees, total heatwave LOL I think I should get my shorts out & sunbathe!

Now the shitty thing is, I got wind burn on my lips, they are massive, bright red, sore, chapped & can hardly move them! It looks like I’ve had collagen implants then a shot of botox! I don’t have any lipbalm so I’m screwed until I get to the pharmacy tomorrow not to mention I’m coming down with a sore throat which usually leads to something worse!

But the trip was worth it 🙂

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