So it’s cold, like really cold & started snowing this morning ^_^ well I never knew how bad until mom & I went out on a shopping adventure then realised that my little ballet pumps aren’t the type of shoes you’d want to wear during a snow storm :grr: so I had to walk like a penguin trying not to fall on my butt before getting on the RER to La Défense and heading into Auchan (supermarket) in Les Quatre Temps to buy a New Year’s gift for the building gardien (concierge) & get more macarons (which I never did, on the list for tomorrow though!) then grab a late lunch before venturing back out into the freezing cold artic weather *cries into her hot water bottle*

So you know me, I had to take photos LOL I think my mom is getting a little sick of me going “oh wait this will be a nice picture”, she is featured in alot of the pictures looking like an eskimo with a furry jacket and boots 😀

Tomorrow’s weather forecast hasn’t predicted snow but it will could be as low as -12°C *cries* and I’m dragging my parents on a photography exbidition to La Grande Galerie de l’Évolution which should be good 😀

Til next time people, stay warm <3


  1. LOL! The snow looks nice. We’ve lost our fair share here in Chicago. I’m enjoying the updates from your international excursion, have fun tomorrow.

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