On Day 1 of 2009, we decided to go check out the lights on the Champs-Élysées & have a little stroll around the place since I wanted to take some photos. Champs-Élysées was packed full of tourists & we had to fight our way through the crowd to get back onto the metro & head to La place de la Concorde where I wanted to see (and snap away at) La Grande Roue (that huge ferris wheel thingy!).

I talked my mom into coming up on it with me (yay!) and off we went for €9 each, the queue’s weren’t that bad which was suprising due to the amount of people around. I tried to take tons of photos while up on La Grande Roue but there were so many lights shining all over the place & no matter how many settings I changed on my camera there was major lense flair or smudgy results due to the dirty windows :grr: so I only managed to get a couple of reasonable shots *sigh*

So after coming down from the wheel, we meet back up with dad who is munching a huge hot dog *drool* and we grab one too then walk to Boulevard Haussmann then to the RER station to go back home since it’s a straight line home & snapped a few shots along the way.

Ended the evening with dad cooking filet de boeuf with a side salad & fries <3 Pretty nice start to the new year 😀


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