January 2009


What’s your favourite type of pizza? I love pizza & my belly shows it *drools like homer* and I think I’ve found the perfect one for me….

Thin base with jalepino’s, olives, mushrooms, pineapple & pepperoni not to mention the tomato base with herbs & cheese *keeps drooling*

Try it, it’s amazing 😀

I hate em!

It’s 5:30am & I’m just about to sleep. I was trying for hours & hours but couldn’t and now my back is killing me *argh* yes I’m moaning and I’m blogging about my moaning and lack of sleep! Because of my non-sleepyness I’ll be lucky to wake up before 2pm dammit 🙁

So thank you to the repair man across the road who was drilling at 1am & my upstairs neighbour for banging around like an ass & to the 4 fire engines who past my window with loud sirens on just when I nearly past out hours ago 🙁

I’m passing out now!

Naturally 7 is a group that started in NYC in 1999. What makes N7 special is that every instrument and sound is created from the human voice without using actual instruments which is called “vocal play”. I found out about them from a You Tube video in which they sang/vocal played in the Paris Line 1 Metro doing a cover of Phil Collin’s In the Air Tonight.

They’ve released several albums, there latest being called Wall Of Sound and are pretty popular in Europe and relatively unknown in there native USA (maybe because they are based in Germany?). If you want to know more about them check out there website!

Here is the You Tube video that got me hooked

Note: The guy with the headphones on looks miserable & not very happy at the guys singing LOL

Saatchi & Saatchi’s latest ad for T-Mobile (UK Mobile Network) aired today after being filmed on January 15th at London’s Liverpool Street station, where 350 dancers performed routines as commuters passed through the concourse. ‘Dance’, created by Saatchi & Saatchi London, was produced using hidden TV cameras within the station, which captured the spontaneous reactions of commuters as they watched the dance troupe perform.

It’s crazy, using the flash-mobbing phenomenon & I love it LOL

Earlier tonight a US Airways plane flying from New York to North Carolina crashed into the Hudson River. With 150 passengers on board & 5 cabin crew, there were no deaths which is a miracle & only minor wounds have been reported. The cause has so far been blamed on a flock of geese who ended up breaking down both engines of the plane by flying right into them!

Witnesses reported that the pilot tried his hardest to land the plane as softly & safely as possible. This resulted in the plane landing as a whole and not breaking into pieces on impact along with being close to the ferry terminals so that rescuers could attend the scene within minutes.

The picture below shows the plane slowly sinking into the river along with rescue boats and if you look closely you can see survivors standing on the wings of the plane & the blow up rafts while awaiting for help!

Lucky Lucky Guys!

… I chopped 7 inches off my hair *screams*

On Saturday I went with mom to the salon and showed the stylist the virtual makeover image that I created a few weeks back. She grabbed my ponytail and chopped it off so I couldn’t chicken out, then I saw all my hair lying on the floor, that was scary as I looked in the mirror! Instead of dyeing my hair darker, I decided to go lighter and get some caramel/blonde highlights instead.

The end result is cool but it’s a hell of a change & will take some getting used too, especially as I keep trying to grab my hair to put in into a ponytail & then realise that I can’t anymore LOL

Thanks to mom & dad for paying for it 😀

I arrived back in the UK yesterday afternoon, pretty much miss Paris except for the shitty ass weather we were getting for the last few days. Snow is nice to look at, but trying to walk in it is another matter!

Snow turned to slush, slush turned to ice, sliding around while you walk isn’t great! What else isn’t great is only having flat pumps with you in that weather! Hell I never expected it to snow, I had to borrow a pair of my mom’s boots which were 1/2 a size smaller & my big toes killed after a while!

When we left Paris it was -7 degrees and when we got into Glasgow it was 6 degrees, total heatwave LOL I think I should get my shorts out & sunbathe!

Now the shitty thing is, I got wind burn on my lips, they are massive, bright red, sore, chapped & can hardly move them! It looks like I’ve had collagen implants then a shot of botox! I don’t have any lipbalm so I’m screwed until I get to the pharmacy tomorrow not to mention I’m coming down with a sore throat which usually leads to something worse!

But the trip was worth it 🙂

So it’s cold, like really cold & started snowing this morning ^_^ well I never knew how bad until mom & I went out on a shopping adventure then realised that my little ballet pumps aren’t the type of shoes you’d want to wear during a snow storm :grr: so I had to walk like a penguin trying not to fall on my butt before getting on the RER to La Défense and heading into Auchan (supermarket) in Les Quatre Temps to buy a New Year’s gift for the building gardien (concierge) & get more macarons (which I never did, on the list for tomorrow though!) then grab a late lunch before venturing back out into the freezing cold artic weather *cries into her hot water bottle*

So you know me, I had to take photos LOL I think my mom is getting a little sick of me going “oh wait this will be a nice picture”, she is featured in alot of the pictures looking like an eskimo with a furry jacket and boots 😀

Tomorrow’s weather forecast hasn’t predicted snow but it will could be as low as -12°C *cries* and I’m dragging my parents on a photography exbidition to La Grande Galerie de l’Évolution which should be good 😀

Til next time people, stay warm <3

On Day 1 of 2009, we decided to go check out the lights on the Champs-Élysées & have a little stroll around the place since I wanted to take some photos. Champs-Élysées was packed full of tourists & we had to fight our way through the crowd to get back onto the metro & head to La place de la Concorde where I wanted to see (and snap away at) La Grande Roue (that huge ferris wheel thingy!).

I talked my mom into coming up on it with me (yay!) and off we went for €9 each, the queue’s weren’t that bad which was suprising due to the amount of people around. I tried to take tons of photos while up on La Grande Roue but there were so many lights shining all over the place & no matter how many settings I changed on my camera there was major lense flair or smudgy results due to the dirty windows :grr: so I only managed to get a couple of reasonable shots *sigh*

So after coming down from the wheel, we meet back up with dad who is munching a huge hot dog *drool* and we grab one too then walk to Boulevard Haussmann then to the RER station to go back home since it’s a straight line home & snapped a few shots along the way.

Ended the evening with dad cooking filet de boeuf with a side salad & fries <3 Pretty nice start to the new year 😀