*screams at the top of her lungs* :grr:

For nearly 48 hours my blog has decided to battle a bad case of PMS & take forever to load resulting in no one really being able to access my blog! I have no clue why >.< I thought it was because of the changes I've made over the past week or so, but I switched to a blank default theme & that still won’t load therefore it’s not the theme or the plugin’s I use. The weird thing is, I can access the dashboard/admin area and type this post but viewing the theme (any theme) won’t work *cries*

It’s not a server problem (at least I don’t think so) because I host Sou’s blog and it’s working perfectly, same with my forum & a few sub-domain’s I’m working on in the background.

Therefore, I’m clueless….

Finally it’s up after a few days of downtime & I’ve jazzed it up a little! God I’ve missed this place!


  1. @Ian D – thanks for the link, I’ll check it out & talk to my web host (a friend with his own hosting company). It is strange how part of it works and the other bit doesn’t! I’ve tried unpublishing all posts bar this current one and still the same problem.

  2. FINALLY! I’ve been trying to load your site for days! Here I am, HERE I FREAKING AM!

    • @Sou – I knowwwwwwww I seriously have no clue what was wrong with it! But I’m just glad it’s back, I’ve missed this baby *bows to the internet gods*

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