Just when I was going to get into bed, dearest little doggy decides to vomit on the duvet cover!

I run to get a cloth to clean it all up & flush it down the toilet when I start heeving and proceed to vomit as well after seeing/smelling other vomit!

I shouted for my mom to get me water & she burst out laughing :@ I’m now in bed feeling queezy & the dog is snoring his head off like nothing happened!

No more little treats for him!


  1. Wow, I know in the moment it wasn’t funny however, mom is hilarious. Random fact: When I see anyone w/ red irritated eyes, my eyes become red and irritated! Haven’t had the “vomit” experience, but if I do, I’ll keep you posted. Rest up.

  2. It must have been scary and disgusting at the same time! I can’t handle the smell of vomit!
    Feel Better!

  3. I would be laughing with your mom hehehehe its a funny sad situation kinda thing! I hope you feel better 😉

  4. @ARealist – my mom cracked up laughing but OMG there is nothing worse!

    @3baid – 🙁

    @Marzouq – chub!

    @Jacqui – thx <3 it only lasted a while! once it was all cleaned up I was fine!

    @B - looking or smelling it makes me want to vomit too!

    @Rashisha - thanks 😀

    @Ansam – grrrr meanie!

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