I’m heading to Paris at the end of December to spend New Year there and when I come back I want to dramatically change my hair.

Since I was 16 my hair has basically had the same sort of style with only the length being different, but now I need change. 2009 is all about moving on and opening a new chapter in my life so what better way to start than hair chopping!

I played around with a virtual hair makeover site using my photo and the image below is what I’ve come up with, only a little bit longer. A darker color, full fringe, shorter and shiny!

What do you think?


  1. I love it! I think a little darker, might make you a little pale. If you want change, go BLOND! that’s right I said it!

  2. Since you were 16!!!! You know how many hairstyles I have tried since I was 16!!! You do need a change… go for it hehehe

  3. Its one of of the coolest styles youu came up with i say go for it 🙂

  4. i say go for shorter hair style, it wud look fab.

    and you can always ask yr hair stylist bout what suits u more!

  5. Miss-Informed Reply

    The color is fab! But I personally would go for something a teeny weeny longer with a funky layers.

    Anything that makes “you” happy will do 🙂

  6. Go for the chestnut color! As for the length I’m not sure! But hey, like u said new year new beginnings, what’s the worst that can happen.. It can always grow back! GO FOR IT!

  7. Image out of porportion but I guess yeah looks hot just grow out your bangs too short on the picture

  8. @Marzouq – chub! it’s a virtual makeover thing, of course I’m not in proportion!

    @nujoom – nooo I’ll never ever go blonde! I might just stick with my natural hair color

    @Ansam – Yeah I do LOL & my parent’s saw my blog and decided to pay for my haircut yay 😀

    @3baid – men :@

    @Jacqui – merci <3

    @Dreamy – thxxx 🙂

    @Miss-Informed – Yeah I was thinking to do it a little longer!

    @B – or start a hat collection! I do like the chestnut idea tho 😀

    @TAT – I want bangs!

    @saha – thanks <3 I think I will go for it once I’m back from Paris

  9. Lol a hat collection is not a bad idea .. It will also contribute to this whole new look idea hehe You’ll be stylish!

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