Every weekend I go to my grandfathers house & spend time with my mom & the dog.

Yesterday when the dog saw me, he went nuts running all over the place waiting for me to tickle & play with him. As I was tickling him, his little sharp claw scratched me on my arm, ouch no.1!

Last night when it was bed time, he ran to my bedroom & jumped on my bed meaning he wanted to snooze next to me instead of the scary kitchen where he normally sleeps, this is his weekend treat LOL

So last night he was all over the bed (bare in mind it’s a single bed) he took up a good proportion of the bed and I was left with my butt up against the -2 celcius wall freezing while he enjoyed the comfort of lying on his back with his little paws in the air! The cheek of him grrrr!

This afternoon as a joke, I climbed into his doggy bed and pretended to sleep with his blanket & toys. He went nuts, kinds like how dare she go in my bed, subsequently headbutts me in my nose and a small trickle of blood appears, Ouch no.2!

I’m being abused! You call the Animal Abuse people when someone is abusing an animal, but who do you call when they abuse you??!?!

He’s currently snoring his little yorkie head off in my bed again, I’m squashed against the wall & he’s got most of the covers!

I’m taking back his Christmas present!


  1. how could you sleep with a pet next to you? LOL that’s a very stressful sleep, thinking that you might squash the little pup ;p

  2. Thats sooo cute!

    I think you should just pretend your playing around and throw him around, see how that feels biatch! jk I SWEAR

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