My brother & his girlfriend fiancée bought a 7 week old Border Collie puppy and named him Fudge. He is really cute, has blue eyes & pees all over the place LOL.

Bobby (yeah that’s Chewy’s real name) is scared of Fudge, in the times Fudge has been over visiting, Bobby has been hiding close to mom & me and running away from Fudge. Last night, Fudge was chasing Bobby in the garden and accidently (or so we think) bumped into him and that spooked the poor little termite especially when Fudge cornered him in the hall way and Bobby couldn’t get passed.

I guess it will take a while before they get all friendly but Fudge will grow up to be 3 times the size of Bobby, if not more so it better be sooner or later!


  1. Fudge is really cute!

    It’s so funny when you put 2 dogs in one room! The way they react to each other is unpredictable yet so entertaining haha!
    My dogs go nuts when they are together!

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