November 2008


Every weekend I go to my grandfathers house & spend time with my mom & the dog.

Yesterday when the dog saw me, he went nuts running all over the place waiting for me to tickle & play with him. As I was tickling him, his little sharp claw scratched me on my arm, ouch no.1!

Last night when it was bed time, he ran to my bedroom & jumped on my bed meaning he wanted to snooze next to me instead of the scary kitchen where he normally sleeps, this is his weekend treat LOL

So last night he was all over the bed (bare in mind it’s a single bed) he took up a good proportion of the bed and I was left with my butt up against the -2 celcius wall freezing while he enjoyed the comfort of lying on his back with his little paws in the air! The cheek of him grrrr!

This afternoon as a joke, I climbed into his doggy bed and pretended to sleep with his blanket & toys. He went nuts, kinds like how dare she go in my bed, subsequently headbutts me in my nose and a small trickle of blood appears, Ouch no.2!

I’m being abused! You call the Animal Abuse people when someone is abusing an animal, but who do you call when they abuse you??!?!

He’s currently snoring his little yorkie head off in my bed again, I’m squashed against the wall & he’s got most of the covers!

I’m taking back his Christmas present!

My brother & his girlfriend fiancée bought a 7 week old Border Collie puppy and named him Fudge. He is really cute, has blue eyes & pees all over the place LOL.

Bobby (yeah that’s Chewy’s real name) is scared of Fudge, in the times Fudge has been over visiting, Bobby has been hiding close to mom & me and running away from Fudge. Last night, Fudge was chasing Bobby in the garden and accidently (or so we think) bumped into him and that spooked the poor little termite especially when Fudge cornered him in the hall way and Bobby couldn’t get passed.

I guess it will take a while before they get all friendly but Fudge will grow up to be 3 times the size of Bobby, if not more so it better be sooner or later!

Oh yes it is!

So I went to the doctors with mom, still coughing my guts up in the waiting room, he was 20 mins behind with his appointments, damn idiot!

Eventually we go in & I couldn’t speak to tell him what’s wrong, so mom explains that I’m coughing green phelgm, sometimes blood, hard to breathe and she thinks I have bronchitis again

The doctor said nothing

He took his little scope thing and placed it on my back in various places and I breathed as best I could without going into a coughing fit

He goes back to his chair, asks if I’m allergic to anything & prints off a prescription. He doesn’t mention his thoughts on what I’ve got, why I’m getting this alot, not even what the pills were

I seriously hate this doctor, can’t stand him but I needed an appointment and he was the only one available! He was the same doctor who said nothing was wrong with me, then a few days later was diagnosed with PCOS!

Fast forward to today, I’m still in bed and feel like crap and my period decides to show up! It’s been 5 months since it last showed up & now when I can’t get much sicker, it shows up & makes me feel worse!

Damn this crappyness!

Coughing non-stop, burst blood vessel in throat which results in bloody phlegm, severe coughing fits which end up with vomiting, dizzyness, loss of voice, migrane, loss of breath & dying for some sleep

I’m officially ill, worse than I’ve been before. The doctor & mom says I have acute bronchitis again but it hurts much worse than last time *cries*. I’m on antibiotics, cough medicine & some stinky vapour rub to help me breath easier.

Sedate me til this is over 🙁

After going out for dinner with my parents & brother last night, I came home with a sore throat. I wasn’t coughing, it was just really rough feeling.

Fastforward to today, I woke up with the Niagra Falls of a runny nose, sneezing fits every other minute & a slight cough.

I offically feel like crap, oui I do! So I went to bed earlyish (10:30) and it’s now 1:18 and I’m wide awake venting here!

Damn you cold!

I was on the edge of my seat, screaming at the TV one minute, hiding my eyes the next! On the last lap, 2 corners to go, Lewis Hamilton became the youngest person ever to win the F1 World Champion!

Starting at 4th on the grid, he only needed to finish 5th or above to win the Championship and that’s what he did. The overall race was won by Massa who cried as he drove over the finish line thinking he won the Championship as well, only for Lewis to bite back and snatch it from him in the final seconds! The Brazilian crowds booed for Lewis, cheered for Massa.

Totally nail biting stuff, full of drama & I’m totally happy for him 😀