I’m officially freezing my big ghetto ass off right now! I’m lying in bed watching Gilmore Girl’s Season 6 (addicted thanks to my mom!) with the heating on (which I rarely do since it get’s so stuffy!) and I’m still shivering! I have socks on (which I rarely do), 2 jumpers (cause I’m frikin cold) and my trusty PJ trousers which my mom says looks like I’ve pooped my pants cause they hang to low, ghetto style LOL (yes I’m aware it’s a bad bad image to have in your head).

It’s supposed to be 0°C tonight, but it feels like it’s -10°C and the weather will be pretty much crappy the rest of the week, ending on Friday at -2°C *cries into her pillow*

So yeah, it won’t suprise me if I end up with a nasty chest infection as I normally do around this time, better stock up on drugs and lot’s of them!

Toodles, I’m off to watch Gilmore Girls again and try get warmer


  1. LOL…. Drastic times call for drastic measures, even if it calls for a “bad image”, ha. Try to stay warm; I’ll be wearing my hoodies & sweat pants. *so comfy & warm*

  2. not the only one, here in Canada it’s starting to feel like December.

  3. @ARealist – ahh hoodie would been my ears warm! Must get one somwhere, don’t know where the hell they sell them here though! Not usually my typa thing! Rocking my ghetto sweatpants though and this is drastic!

    @nujoom – it sucks 🙁 I want to be warm

  4. Don’t you wish sometimes for a relationship like Lorelei and Rory’s.. it’s just so cool hehe 😛

    And I love feeling cold, it’s raining here now 😀

  5. Hey, you DO sound realll cold! …since I’m in Malaysia, it’s summer all year long. You should take a trip here 😉 ..hope you’re a lot warmer now =)

  6. Gilmore Girls!!

    Ahhh … I LOVE LOVE THE SHOW.. i feel like having coffee every time i watch it. Every episode has to have someone drinking coffee or it’s there in the scene! oh and did i mention i get hungry too!!


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