October 2008


I’m officially freezing my big ghetto ass off right now! I’m lying in bed watching Gilmore Girl’s Season 6 (addicted thanks to my mom!) with the heating on (which I rarely do since it get’s so stuffy!) and I’m still shivering! I have socks on (which I rarely do), 2 jumpers (cause I’m frikin cold) and my trusty PJ trousers which my mom says looks like I’ve pooped my pants cause they hang to low, ghetto style LOL (yes I’m aware it’s a bad bad image to have in your head).

It’s supposed to be 0°C tonight, but it feels like it’s -10°C and the weather will be pretty much crappy the rest of the week, ending on Friday at -2°C *cries into her pillow*

So yeah, it won’t suprise me if I end up with a nasty chest infection as I normally do around this time, better stock up on drugs and lot’s of them!

Toodles, I’m off to watch Gilmore Girls again and try get warmer

So finally the forum is back up and running with a shiny new look along with more sections so there is something for everyone! Hopefully I won’t accidently delete this version & lose everything haha

We want some fresh blood in the forum too so join up!

It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged, I haven’t done it on purpose I love my little world but I’m just going through a blah phase where I can’t think of anything to blog about, so I’m blogging about that LOL

Random updates?

+ my dad has been in Australia for the past week from city to city on business meetings, he returned to Paris this evening

+ mom came back from Alicante starving hehe

+ my blog was featured on yay

+ my blog was blog of the day on fuel my blog a few days ago & I’m doing an interview with them in a few days

+ my parents are going to buy my grandfathers house and keep it in the family as a memory, a piece of my grandparents

+ the weather stinks here so much so that all this week my lips looked like I had collagen implants they were that red and puffy!

+ my brother is having his engagement party next month and on Sunday I’m going to a wedding fair with my mom, my bro, his gf and her mom

+ yay for the return of my favourite tv shows

+ boo for the fact that I accidently deleted the database for my forum without having a backup, I need to build my empire again!

+ my brother paid me back the money he owed me since last year!

& that’s about all the random gossip I have for now, I’ll try open my brain some more to write again but in the meantime check out my favourite blogs & show them some love 🙂