I heard screams, shouts then police sirens. I look out my window is this is what I see!

Police everywhere, separating a crowd of guys and girls, talking to security guards of the comedy club opposite the road from my apartment then arresting a few people. Once again it’s probably drunken idiots on a Saturday night thinking they are invisible and picking fights with Joe Blog off the street. The whole drama lasted around 30 minutes before Police made sure the ones who weren’t being arresting walked away in opposite directions!

But hey, at least it gave me some entertainment at 2am!


  1. @Ansam – love that song!

    @Marzouq – yeah LOL my head was blank!

    @Splash – I have random sleep times!

    @Vixen – damn right, you get used to it LOL

    @Big Pearls – action!

    @His Sweetheart – yeah but I’ve seen worse LOL

    @Mohammad – drunk idiots usually

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