I woke up this morning and looked at the date, it’s been a month since my grandfather died. Things are pretty much still raw & I miss him like crazy. I guess as time goes by, I’ll stop counting the months and move to years but nothing can stop me from ever forgetting him and missing him like crazy.

I miss our daily phone calls, watching black & white movies with him, watching him snore on the sofa, sleeping over at his house, hearing old stories… even the lectures about how much diet coke I drink. Those are memories, one’s I’ll never forget and I treasure every moment I ever spent with him, I just wish I had more!


  1. That was soooooo touching may he rest in peace..

    And the memories you have had with him are even greater than you think because regardless of the amount of time, you two had a beautiful relationship with each other. One that everyone will envy.

  2. alla yer7ma
    Its good to treasure the memories of the ones we love/loved… inshala he’s in a better place

  3. “Those are memories, one’s I’ll never forget”

    it’s there for a reason, to keep you praying for him ..

  4. may he RIP
    I wouldn’t know how to feel if my grandfather passed
    … Memories and that video are amazing … really shows you love him

  5. Hi

    RIP am so sorry .. u reminded me of my grandpa .. this happens 2 me every year on 12 August and hes been gone for 4 yrs now

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