My mom left to Paris yesterday for 2 weeks & I’m doggy sitting Chewface (once again, not his real name, but he loves chewing, so there!) . It was so funny when mom brought him over on Wednesday night, he was running all over my apartment and I decided to play hide & seek with him. There are 2 entrances to the bedroom so I ran into one end and hid at the other end and he had no clue where I was when I was shouting his name, lol it took him 5 minutes to find me (with help from my mom LOL)

Mom & Dad stayed over on Wednesday night so I was staying in the Mezzanine level, when everyone went to bed, all I could hear was little foot steps then jumping from the dog, he was jumping up the stairs to find me. He jumped into bed and curled himself up against my legs and started snoring his little head off, then moving 10 minutes later, jumping back down the stairs onto the sofa, needless to say, 10 minutes later he was back on top of my bed for the rest of the night moving from position to position. I woke up with his little head on the pillow next to me 😀

Everytime I take him out for a walk (and to pee & poop) everyone keeps staring at him, he’s attracting way too much attention, especially at 11pm when I’m in my PJ’s and I take him out before bedtime LOL. Yesterday, I met 2 new people that live in my building who were playing with him on the staircase and telling me that they can doggy sit anytime I want hehe, then a security guard at the construction site across from my apartment asking what colour he was as it’s unusual. Today he decides to run into a fishing shop and play with the owners (who thought he was cute) but he loves all the attention, especially when they start playing with him and tickling his little belly.

I’ve got another 9 days of this LOL, but it’s okay… he’s too adorable!


  1. he’s so cute! adorable. he reminds me of a less white snowy (tintin’s dog). i love his little vest, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

  2. He’s so adorable hehehe no wonder you’re getting all the attention now 😛

    Yalla great for having a social life 😛

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