I’ve been at my grandfather’s house since Wednesday helping mom sort through the last belongings of my grandpa. It’s strange calling it my grandfather’s house because he’s no longer with us but I guess I have to deal with that until things change. His house number is still on my phone under grandpa and I call it nearly everyday to talk to mom who is living and looking after his house until it sells, but when do you start erasing a name from your phonebook? or do you?

My grandpa’s house looks like an empty shell. We donated his clothes to various charity organizations, alot of his household items and furniture were given to an organization that helps homeless people get housed, basically a starter pack to help rebuild their lives. I think he’d be glad that he’s helping others after his death.

I can’t believe it’s nearly been a month since his death, it still seems like yesterday and I really hope he’s okay. I’m not really a religious type but I hope he’s in heaven with my grandmother and they are together again, happy and not lonely anymore.

One thing for me in all of this is that I have new found respect for my mother (even if I don’t show it so much mom!) but having bitches as sisters and still managing to stay strong to do right by my grandpa is all I could ever want in a mother and more (dad ain’t so bad either hehe). She might need a tongue transplant after everything is completed from having to bite it so many times LOL!

She’s off to Paris on Thursday for 2 weeks and it’s the first time I’ll truly be alone in months which is kinda freaking me out, but I’ll be doggy sitting and my brother and his fiancée are a phonecall away.

I better get to sleep it’s 1am and just wanted to update my blog a bit, got sore fingers from typing this on my iPod touch hehe!

Love you all, my parents more than others :*


  1. I still did not erase my cousin’s number from my phone and every time I see his name I pray for him… also the last msg he sent me (last Ramadan, Greeting)

    You have a super mom, god bless her 🙂

  2. I find it hard to earse numbers but eventually we better do it, just to avoid shedding tears everytime i pass by it in my phonebook.

    god bless you all =)

  3. I’m going to be a little bit more cynical then the rest of the comments. You have great parents! And they are tough..

    Your Aunts are something else, a class act.. I want to put them in front of Firing Squad, but thats just too good for them.. they are filthy &@#$*@#$(… and I will leave it at that..

    Your Grandfather was a good man and I happy he has a daughter like your mom and a grand daughter like you.. too bad he had the other ones which were pretty much good for nothing..

    My hat goes off to you and your parents, and brother!

  4. I’m sorry for your loss. Inshallah he is in a better place, being finally at peace. Stay strong in the face of your Aunts and give your mother an extra hug. She may seem strong but I’m sure can use all the support she can get 🙂

  5. i had the same feeling when my dad gone ..and whenever i listen to kenny rogers i remember him 🙁 . i hope he and my father r.i.p .. be strong u have to erase it now or later

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