On my way to the supermarket yesterday, I went to the ATM to grab some money. I put my card in, entered my pin, entered how much I wanted to withdraw, waited, waited, waited then…


It returns to the “Please insert your card” screen! The frikin ATM machine ate my card *grrr* I know I never entered the wrong pin number as it’s the same since I was 17 so it musta been a faulty machine!

I’m just so pissed, seriously! Luckily I had another account with some money in it and I went to another machine and got money out then went home and called the bank to get a new card sent to me (which will take a week!) and transferred all my money in that account to the other one ufff!

Damn machines!


  1. That happened to me on my birthday, and I didn’t have another card, had to wait till next sunday to get a card.

    Thank god for western union.

  2. yeah im always in fear of it doing that to me, i dnt know why but everytime it takes more than a tiny second for that weird screen to ask for my pin i freak out hehehe

  3. Damn that really sucks! On another note! I think when you say Grrr it doesn’t sound like a real problem! looool!

  4. DAMN!!
    I really hate such accidents!!
    At least you had another account which was a bless that time!!

    It happened to me 2 months ago. The ATM ate my card too but worse than that was that I was traveling and had no money in my purse nor another account!!

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