Do you think I’d go to jail if I went to my neighbour upstairs, banged his door until he opened it, grabbed his guitar and smashed it over his head & then throw both of them out the window?

*closes her eyes and imagines*

On the other hand maybe not, but seriously he’s driving me nuts! It’s been pretty much quiet for over a week now in my apartment, then he returns! It’s currently 2:50am, I can’t sleep due to hearing him play guitar, jump up and down and scream “HEEEEY YEAAAAAAH, HEEEEEY”.

Now, I know he’s a Sound Producer and all that jazz but wouldn’t a “normal” person get sound proofing for there apartment if they wanna bang away at silly-o’clock in the morning? It’s not even his frikin apartment, it’s his mothers!

I’ve already complained to the Building Manager about him twice, I’m going to complain again tomorrow when he comes to my apartment to fix some light bulbs. Maybe this time something will be done about it! I wonder if it’s only me that’s affected by it, I’ll have to ask tomorrow if anyone else has complained! Maybe I could start a building petition to get the rocker wanabee kicked out (erm okay in my dreams) but still, I need sleep, I’m grumpy with no sleep!

Update: It’s 4am, he’s howling like a dog but it’s alot quieter. Maybe he read my blog post LOL! Off back to bed, ice cold water is ahhmaazing when you’re hella thirsty!


  1. Oh so now you’ll be that cranky, part-poopin’ neighbour that always complains.. =p

    No seriously, I’m suffering the same here.. I wish it was guitar & singing though.. our next door neighbours decided that they need to build some sort of building at their back yard.. & so the workers somehow decided to only work at night after 9pm to beat the sun and going on till 3am!! So imagine the banging and drilling while ur trying to sleep! (-_-“)

  2. Call security!? I mean if the manager did not do a thing about it, or the police! Its ridiculous! I worship sleep time and I would hate it if someone ruins it for me like this!

  3. *thinks* now the newly-weds having sex upstairs don’t appear to be as bad as i thought they were… compared to Mr. Rocker lol

  4. @Kitten – I’m a total party pooper when it comes to sleeping! My mom called the police once at 3am when some builders were throwing wood into a large skip and we heard every thud *ouchies* but omg your head must be killing you with the builders! What are they building?

    @Ansam – It is annoying but it’s not every single night, it comes and goes. I think he only lives in the apartment on certain nights, no clue but if he does it again tonight, that’s it *grrr*

    @Frank – Thanks I took a note of it and will use it if he does it again tonight!

    @Marzouq – I agree!

    @Swair – Mr Rocker is the sex fiend as well, at least that is what my mom thought he was doing when all the banging was going on. He’s a very rowdy person :@

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