To cheer Chewy (his nickname) up while my grandfather was in Hospital, I bought him (erm okay I bought it with my dad’s money *smile*) a new toy- a sqweeky chicken and now he runs around the house like a erm headless chicken? hahahaha I think the poor doggy wishes it was a real chicken!

Last week he was getting way to hairy so it was time for him to go to the doggy hairdressers and they ended up shaving most of all his hair off, really really short because his hair was all notted and matted, they cut his little toe nails and made him look at purty again… but he looks like a frikin chihuahua now! When he was all hairy, we used to think he was fat and needed to lose weight for being a tiny dog but now hairless he looks so skinny and small! He looks completely different LOL.

Here is the new hairless Chewy with my brother’s girlfriend:


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