September 2008


I heard screams, shouts then police sirens. I look out my window is this is what I see!

Police everywhere, separating a crowd of guys and girls, talking to security guards of the comedy club opposite the road from my apartment then arresting a few people. Once again it’s probably drunken idiots on a Saturday night thinking they are invisible and picking fights with Joe Blog off the street. The whole drama lasted around 30 minutes before Police made sure the ones who weren’t being arresting walked away in opposite directions!

But hey, at least it gave me some entertainment at 2am!

I woke up this morning and looked at the date, it’s been a month since my grandfather died. Things are pretty much still raw & I miss him like crazy. I guess as time goes by, I’ll stop counting the months and move to years but nothing can stop me from ever forgetting him and missing him like crazy.

I miss our daily phone calls, watching black & white movies with him, watching him snore on the sofa, sleeping over at his house, hearing old stories… even the lectures about how much diet coke I drink. Those are memories, one’s I’ll never forget and I treasure every moment I ever spent with him, I just wish I had more!

My mom left to Paris yesterday for 2 weeks & I’m doggy sitting Chewface (once again, not his real name, but he loves chewing, so there!) . It was so funny when mom brought him over on Wednesday night, he was running all over my apartment and I decided to play hide & seek with him. There are 2 entrances to the bedroom so I ran into one end and hid at the other end and he had no clue where I was when I was shouting his name, lol it took him 5 minutes to find me (with help from my mom LOL)

Mom & Dad stayed over on Wednesday night so I was staying in the Mezzanine level, when everyone went to bed, all I could hear was little foot steps then jumping from the dog, he was jumping up the stairs to find me. He jumped into bed and curled himself up against my legs and started snoring his little head off, then moving 10 minutes later, jumping back down the stairs onto the sofa, needless to say, 10 minutes later he was back on top of my bed for the rest of the night moving from position to position. I woke up with his little head on the pillow next to me 😀

Everytime I take him out for a walk (and to pee & poop) everyone keeps staring at him, he’s attracting way too much attention, especially at 11pm when I’m in my PJ’s and I take him out before bedtime LOL. Yesterday, I met 2 new people that live in my building who were playing with him on the staircase and telling me that they can doggy sit anytime I want hehe, then a security guard at the construction site across from my apartment asking what colour he was as it’s unusual. Today he decides to run into a fishing shop and play with the owners (who thought he was cute) but he loves all the attention, especially when they start playing with him and tickling his little belly.

I’ve got another 9 days of this LOL, but it’s okay… he’s too adorable!

I’ve been at my grandfather’s house since Wednesday helping mom sort through the last belongings of my grandpa. It’s strange calling it my grandfather’s house because he’s no longer with us but I guess I have to deal with that until things change. His house number is still on my phone under grandpa and I call it nearly everyday to talk to mom who is living and looking after his house until it sells, but when do you start erasing a name from your phonebook? or do you?

My grandpa’s house looks like an empty shell. We donated his clothes to various charity organizations, alot of his household items and furniture were given to an organization that helps homeless people get housed, basically a starter pack to help rebuild their lives. I think he’d be glad that he’s helping others after his death.

I can’t believe it’s nearly been a month since his death, it still seems like yesterday and I really hope he’s okay. I’m not really a religious type but I hope he’s in heaven with my grandmother and they are together again, happy and not lonely anymore.

One thing for me in all of this is that I have new found respect for my mother (even if I don’t show it so much mom!) but having bitches as sisters and still managing to stay strong to do right by my grandpa is all I could ever want in a mother and more (dad ain’t so bad either hehe). She might need a tongue transplant after everything is completed from having to bite it so many times LOL!

She’s off to Paris on Thursday for 2 weeks and it’s the first time I’ll truly be alone in months which is kinda freaking me out, but I’ll be doggy sitting and my brother and his fiancée are a phonecall away.

I better get to sleep it’s 1am and just wanted to update my blog a bit, got sore fingers from typing this on my iPod touch hehe!

Love you all, my parents more than others :*

My brother is currently in Portugal with his girlfriend. He just called to say that he proposed to her and she said yes 😀

My mom’s first words were “has she been out in the sun too long” LOL

Congrats Bro (I’ll know you’ll read this eventually) :*

On my way to the supermarket yesterday, I went to the ATM to grab some money. I put my card in, entered my pin, entered how much I wanted to withdraw, waited, waited, waited then…


It returns to the “Please insert your card” screen! The frikin ATM machine ate my card *grrr* I know I never entered the wrong pin number as it’s the same since I was 17 so it musta been a faulty machine!

I’m just so pissed, seriously! Luckily I had another account with some money in it and I went to another machine and got money out then went home and called the bank to get a new card sent to me (which will take a week!) and transferred all my money in that account to the other one ufff!

Damn machines!

Do you think I’d go to jail if I went to my neighbour upstairs, banged his door until he opened it, grabbed his guitar and smashed it over his head & then throw both of them out the window?

*closes her eyes and imagines*

On the other hand maybe not, but seriously he’s driving me nuts! It’s been pretty much quiet for over a week now in my apartment, then he returns! It’s currently 2:50am, I can’t sleep due to hearing him play guitar, jump up and down and scream “HEEEEY YEAAAAAAH, HEEEEEY”.

Now, I know he’s a Sound Producer and all that jazz but wouldn’t a “normal” person get sound proofing for there apartment if they wanna bang away at silly-o’clock in the morning? It’s not even his frikin apartment, it’s his mothers!

I’ve already complained to the Building Manager about him twice, I’m going to complain again tomorrow when he comes to my apartment to fix some light bulbs. Maybe this time something will be done about it! I wonder if it’s only me that’s affected by it, I’ll have to ask tomorrow if anyone else has complained! Maybe I could start a building petition to get the rocker wanabee kicked out (erm okay in my dreams) but still, I need sleep, I’m grumpy with no sleep!

Update: It’s 4am, he’s howling like a dog but it’s alot quieter. Maybe he read my blog post LOL! Off back to bed, ice cold water is ahhmaazing when you’re hella thirsty!

Take 15 of the biggest female artists in the world and put them in stage together and you get Just Stand Up, a song produced by Babyface & LA Reid for the Stand up to Cancer Charity Campaign. The song was released on September 2nd on iTunes and the ladies sang it live on US TV last night during a televised fund-raiser.

Keyshia Cole, Leona Lewis, Fergie, Ciara, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield and Nicole Scherzinger all participated in the song and I really like it! Check out the video of them singing last night:

& if you want to download it then CLICK HERE

To cheer Chewy (his nickname) up while my grandfather was in Hospital, I bought him (erm okay I bought it with my dad’s money *smile*) a new toy- a sqweeky chicken and now he runs around the house like a erm headless chicken? hahahaha I think the poor doggy wishes it was a real chicken!

Last week he was getting way to hairy so it was time for him to go to the doggy hairdressers and they ended up shaving most of all his hair off, really really short because his hair was all notted and matted, they cut his little toe nails and made him look at purty again… but he looks like a frikin chihuahua now! When he was all hairy, we used to think he was fat and needed to lose weight for being a tiny dog but now hairless he looks so skinny and small! He looks completely different LOL.

Here is the new hairless Chewy with my brother’s girlfriend:

My secret blogger super-hero identity has been revealed….

Say hi to my mom, dad & brother *waves*

It all started when my brother stole my ipod touch to have a look at it when I was out the house with my dad, when I got back I noticed my mom and brother staring at her laptop then hiding it when I came near. Then when I got in a mood that they didn’t share what they were looking at, my mom told me that my brother found my blog and they read what I wrote about my grandfather *hugs* she then wanted to show my dad but I told her no. Later that night, I caught her looking through my blog again and again… and probably again as she ended up showing my dad who asked me why I haven’t written about him much lol

Today Google launched their own browser: Google Chrome. Google Chrome was designed to make it easy for users to search and navigate the web for the content they’re looking for.

The best bits?

    1. A combined search and address bar quickly takes users where they want to go,

    2. When users open a new tab in Google Chrome, they’ll see a page that includes snapshots of their most-visited sites, recent searches and bookmarks, making it even easier to navigate the web.
    Google Chrome was engineered to deliver a seamless web experience for users. At its core is a multi-process platform that helps provide users with enhanced stability and security.

    3. Each browser tab operates as a separate process; by isolating tabs, should one tab crash or misbehave, others remain stable and responsive, and users can continue working without having to restart Google Chrome.

    4. Google also built a new JavaScript engine, V8, which not only speeds up web applications, but enables a whole new class of web applications that couldn’t exist on today’s browsers.

    5. You can browse pages ‘Incognito’ which lets you browse the web in complete privacy as it doesn’t record any of your activity and discards cookies. Ideal for those people using shared computers or those who don’t want others to know what they’ve been viewing.

At the moment it’s only available for Windows users but in the coming months, Mac & Linux versions will be released. I’m currently using Chrome since downloading in a few hours ago and it is ultra fast, faster than any browser right now; even Firefox. I love the fact that you see screenshots of your most visited pages along with your recently closed tabs & recently bookmarked items.

Download it here: Google Chrome. So what do you think about it? Like it? Will you make the switch from Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer?