Just got back from the hospital, grandpa hasn’t woken up at all today, he’s very frail. He’s pumped up on morphine and sedatives 🙁

His doctor said he probably won’t live past Monday 🙁

He’s not in any pain but please pray for him and hope he doesn’t suffer anymore than he already has!


  1. Nani 7abibti *hug* i will pray for ur grandpa dear.. inshallah 5air sweets

  2. this is must be very hard on you all .. god give you patience & may rest his soul in peace ..

    I have a member in my family suffering in hospital in US and god only knows hows he feeling now =(

  3. I’m praying God to give him peace and not to suffer any more ..may God give you and your family strength

  4. You are in my prayers :-* I hope he doesnt suffer anymore and goes to a better place 🙂 I know you are strong to handle it well :-* *hugs*

  5. He is so blessed to be spending his end of days surrounded by people who love and treasure him. It doesn’t get any better. You are in my prayers.

  6. I am sorry for your family, just remember the good times and not the bad times.
    And be happy for him that his suffering will be over now, and he will be at peace.
    Just remember the good times…

  7. We pray for god merciful to surround him with love, peace and comfort .

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