Grandpa to mom this afternoon:

You know, for 10 years since your mom died I’ve been lonely, really lonely but I’ve really looked forward to when Michelle comes and stays over with me. When she’s gone, I’m back to being lonely until when she comes back again. I really enjoy it when she visits me


I’ll miss that and it’s killing me, I just want to spend all the time I have with him


  1. It’s very tough what you’re going through, I can understand it but I don’t think I’ll realize the depth of it all. All I can say is I hope you have enough memories to go on with of your grandfather. And that he will be in a much better place and more at peace in the future and because you love him so much you’ll want him to find that peace.

    I’m really really sorry for what you are going through babes. I’m here though for anything okay :*

  2. You can only do so much darling, but please try and do as much as you can and want to do, for your sake.


  3. ya 7ayati… that really sweet… i am sure you will miss him… u have amazing memeories with him… and il7amdlilah you know that your visits (for how ever long they last) give him light in his life… You are a sweetheart!

  4. You have spent a lot of time taking care of him which is a good thing and he will remember them all. Just keep doing what your doing and it does help him at least emotionally!

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