I know people care but when people say to me ‘I hope your grandfather gets better soon’ it seriously gets on my nerves because he won’t, all he is doing is getting worse! There is no ‘better’.

I haven’t updated in a while because basically he’s really bad right now, he’s basically starting to give up and he’s developing a temper and shouts at everyone around him, my mom and aunts have been crying there eyes out because of it.

I spent 4 hours sitting in the hospital with him today and he was hallucinating and shouting, my aunt was getting upset again so she had to walk out 🙁

He can’t walk anymore, the muscles that were once in his legs have all wasted away, he can’t even turn himself. Holding a cup proved hard enough *sigh*

I’m leaving the UK in a few months after the eventful time comes, as my mother says ‘you have nothing to stay for in the UK once he’s gone’ and she’s right, I don’t think I could stay here once he’s gone.

Now it’s the countdown 🙁


  1. as I told you before… I am keeping you in my prayers dear. I know its hard to deal with whats going on… I have been there! Stay strong

  2. I wish you best… i’ve been reading you blog for a while now. Sorry to read such hard times.

    I hope it goes fast for you grandfather… It is very unpleassant to see him suffer so much. Remember the good times… en forget about what is going on right now. He is not himself anymore.

    Probably you want to have him as long as possible near you! But remember loving is also saying goodbye to people you love! I know!

  3. Peace be with you and your family, darling.

    Heres to a hug and a good massage on the shoulders!

    Your so strong.. I admire you so.. keep the strength, but don’t forget that you too need to let it out.


  4. It is hard to let go but nonetheless part of life. I’ve been in your shoes so I know what its like. The only thing that can be done is to pray he has a peaceful ending.

    Stay strong.

  5. I know this is a very hard time since we are going through a tragic time as well. Stay strong, being there is very important and it is the most important thing you can do. That is the same situation we are in right now..

  6. Ananyah.. ive been through the loss of my granpa, during his time in the hospital.. to the end and it’s a painful process.

    Since he’s not himself anymore now. When he is asleep.. stare into his face and think of the good times, the best times you had together… and cherish that in your mind and heart.

    You’re strong, stay strong and be the strength of your family right now.


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