My grandfather is in a pretty bad shape, like really bad. Yesterday when we went to see him, he was so out of it we thought he was given morphine again but he wasn’t. Seemingly when they did blood tests, it showed he has a low pxygen blood count and therefore was given oxygen to help. The doctors say the lack of oxygen to his brain has also caused him to be agitated and confused (along with old age memory loss), which will probably explain why one minute he seems fine, the next he’s away with the fairies. Yesterday he looked at me and asked what time my flight was, then later he looked at his watch and said hello into it and also thought there was a man climbing up a chimey outside the hospital and when we said there wasn’t he bit our heads off. He’s nice one minute, the next he gets so angry at you, I know he doesn’t mean it but 7aram all the anger seems to go on my mom and she’s only trying to help him.

Yesterday, he had minor surgery (while awake) to insert a tube into his belly to remove the excess water, they managed to drain quite a bit, but his belly is still rock hard. You’d think he’s really fat looking at his belly, it’s so swollen but it’s the tumor and the water retention that gives him the pot belly. He used to be quite a big guy (size XL) but now he’s like a skeleton and his skin is hanging off him, except his belly. My mom and I helped him move up on the hospital bed, and I saw his arms for the first time, they are like twigs, I was scared I’d break his bones. No matter what we did to help him get comfy, he was in so much pain and so un-comfy he got more and more grumpy.

When mom & I were up at the hospital this afternoon, he was alright one minute, the next his eyes slowly closed and he dosed off, then the next he was awake and confused, then back to sleep. It’s really scary seeing him like this and every few minutes, we’d get close to see if he was actually breathing because things are that bad.

I came back to my apartment after the afternoon visiting cause of work next week, my mom & aunt went up this evening to see him and basically said that he’s looking much much worse, out of the 1 hour spent visiting him (hospital rules), only 5 minutes were awake. He kept falling in and out of sleep, poor guy 🙁 They managed to speak to the doctor incharge who said that he has a high temperature, they had to do an emergency x-ray because no more fluid was coming out of his belly and they didn’t know why or even how the water was being retained like this. They want to do more blood tests and do a sputum (spit) test as they think he now has an infection.

We were then told to prepare ourselves because they (and my mom) don’t think he’ll make it out of hospital. Only time will tell, but every day he’s going downhill fast and he’s wasting away before our eyes and that hurts so much.

I hope he finds peace soon, even though it will tear me to shreds, I don’t want him in any more pain


  1. 🙁 I dunno what to say, if he finds peace as you said, you’ll be in terrible pain … that’s so hard girl *hug*

  2. I’m most definitely praying for your family, I know how hard it is to go through this, I have done so myself and it hurts so much, all you want is a comforting hug and someone there to tell you its all going to be okay, but yes I do also hope he finds peace soon *huggss tightly*

  3. sorry to hear that 🙁 im in tears,, this just reminds me of my friend’s dad! he had cancer, then infection then he passed away 🙁
    alla yr7amna ebra7mita ya rab

  4. awwwwwwww
    am so sorry to hear that
    my prayers are with u sweety
    this remind me of my grandmonther who dead with cancer 🙁
    Hopes he gets better soon

  5. My Dad had a similar reaction and it turned out all the nuttiness (and some of it really IS nutty!) had to do with a drug he was given to help him urinate; he had a reaction to the drug and it was the drug reaction that made him loopy.

    It is SO hard to watch people we love suffer and diminish. So hard. Hang in there, sweetie, you are doing angel’s work.

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