While I was at work earlier this afternoon, I checked my mobile and had a miss call from mom 15 mind beforehand saying that my grandfather was in hospital and to go home. I called here and she said that he was complaining of severe pains in his stomach and sides. My mom called the doctor and said he’d be over later on but the pains got worse and my mom had to call an ambulance.

In the ER Department they gave him morphine for the pain and said his belly was full of water retention. That’s all I know so far.

I’m heading to the hospital in a bit so will update you tonight

Update: I’m just back from the hospital, he looks really bad, he’s in alot of pain and the morphine has worn off! He’s very jaundice and it looks like he’ll be in for a week, he’s getting fluid in his belly removed tomorrow as he has alot of water retention 🙁


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