Lying in a huge double bed like a star fish, stretching like there’s no tomorrow and the sound of utter silence before you close your eyes and dream away LOL

I love lying in bed, it’s so comfy and cosy especially after a long day!

Gnite beeble, got to wake up in 8 hours so I’m gonna enjoy my star fish position before my alarm wakes me up hehe

Love from touchie & me :*


  1. LOL I love lying in bed too! Sometimes I set my alarm earlier than my actual “wake-up” time so I can stretch and do nothing basically hehehe

    I hope you had a wonderful time lying like a starfish

  2. Aww haha yessss,comfy beds are just the best anyways =D

    Especially on rainy days ; )

  3. I am opposite to you 2. I don’t like staying in bed more than it is necessary. Plus, if I stay too long my back start to hurt.

  4. LOL I see someone addicted to using their iPod Touch! I think you are using it more than your iPod nano!

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