My mom called me the other day to say that my grandpa fell really hard on the pavement outside on the way to get his feet looked at by a choropodist. My mom couldn’t lift him up so she had to run to a neighbour to get help. She banged on the door for help and the poor guy was in his boxers and ran across the street to help without any shoes on!

After picking him up my mom thanked him and he was going to help him into the house but my mom said it was okay and they were going to the doctor so he helped him in the car before going back to his house.

My mom wanted to take him to the doctor but the stubborn old goat refused saying he was okay which is really annoying but in sure he had his reasons *uuuuuff* so now he’s the proud owner of very very bruised knees and thankfully my mom was there and took the main brunt of the fall by standing infront and catching the full force, but now she’s hurting!


I just came back from his house, I was there for the weekend again and he’s going downhill really really fast. I’ve kinda stopped blogging so much about it cause it’s really hard to deal with, especially since I’m really close to him and I’m watching him waste away.

He’s hardly eating because he gets full, he gets nose bleeds all the time, his legs are swollen and covered in blisters which burst and we’re scared will get infected, he nearly choked last night while coughing and ended up vomiting, his back is killing him, he can hardly walk, his memory is really bad now, and he’s in pain.

I seriously admire him with everything he’s going through and still has a smile on his face

I don’t want to lose him


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  2. Hang in there
    your mom is awesome for being there for her dad… and you are too. I hope things get better soon :-*

  3. He is a trooper, he really is, and you must take right after him because I deff know that you are one to =D <3

    Hehe, what a helpful neighbor, eh? Can’t ask for a better one

    <3 Natasha

  4. well i feel so sorry for your grandfather .. goodluck with ur work and study =)
    ur mother is a great daughter

  5. Life is crazy and keeping us busy, I don’t know what to say about your Grandfather, I just hope you have enough time and memories with him to last you forever, that is better than what others might have of their grandparents.

    As to you not updating your blog I totally understand it. Life is just crazy.

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