Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, been a busy bee and as of tomorrow I probably won’t have time to update my blog properly, unless I try and fit it in between everything else! So here are little titbits of what’s been going on in Planet Ananyah

My dad came for the weekend, I go to my grandfather’s house every Friday and leave on Sunday night (except I stayed til this afternoon, this time). My grandfather lives in a 2 bedroom house, so I normally slept in the spare room with my mom, but cause dad was over, I had to sleep on the sofa on Friday night. I woke up feeling like crap and felt pain all over *cries* On Saturday, my parents bought a new matress for my grandfather’s bed so I slept on his old one (on the living room floor) and I woke up on Sunday morning with pains in places I never knew existed. I was walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and couldn’t move my back. Seriously, it killed! I’m never ever sleeping on the floor again, or on a really old matress with springs popping in places!

On Saturday morning, I awoke at 7am to my grandfather screaming for help, I rush through to him and he is sitting on his bed with blood running down his face, blood in his mouth, blood gushing from his nose. I ran to get a bowl of water, a cup of water, some tissues, a towel and some baby wipes and start to clean him up. But, no sooner had I cleaned him up, but more blood was gushing out. I banged on the door to wake my parents up, my mom came out and immediately called the Nurse who is looking after my grandfather, but luckily I got the blood to stop. Poor thing, he was really scared. He woke up coughing and when he rubbed his mouth, he noticed blood. He was choking on the blood that dripped from his nose into his mouth. It was pretty scary and once he calmed down, I tried to make him smile and laugh. I was using baby wipes to clean up the dried blood on his face and jokingly I said OPEN UP to his wrinkles so I could get the blood that stuck inbetween the creases, so he laughed at that hehe. Shitty thing is, he is now developing Bed Sores and the Nurses said we had to look out for open wounds as they could get easily infected. Everynight before he sleeps, my mom has to check his legs and arms for any more *sigh* So make things worse, his memory is getting really really bad. Last weekend when I was over, he said to me “omg why is there soilders outside”, I look out the window and there is nothing there. He then says “behind the tree, they are hiding there”, Again nothing. It was really scary!

I got back in touch with two really really old friends that I met when I was 8 while living in Singapore. They are 10 years older than me, but we always got on so well. I lost there email a few years ago and did a facebook check and voila they popped up 😀 The world is so tiny tiny and I’m glad we’re back in touch, would suck to lose touch with them.

I start work tomorrow for a huge UK engineering company for a while, it’s just a temporary role for the summer but I’m looking forward to it, especially they salary to add to my “special fund” which will be revealed at the end of the year for all those nosy beeble 😀

I chopped 5 inches off of my hair today, well not me, the hairdresser did. I was growing it and growing it until it got too hard to manage and look nice, so after getting off the train, I went into the little salon in the station and asked to get it chopped off. My head now feels lighter and I’m liking it. Pictures will come soon 😀

I bought new sneakers and baggy pants for the gym in a bid to motivate myself to go back to it. It’s been a while and I’m starting to look like the Michelin Man. My iPod is updated with new songs, my bag is packed… all I need to do is come home from work tomorrow, pick up my gym bag and walk 5 minutes to the place, how hard can that be? I have my workout schedule there from when the trainer made it up. So basically I’ll spend around 2 hours there (if I’m feeling good) before coming home to study for a few hours. This is all part of my master plan which ties in with the reason behind me getting a job lol

I miss my twirlies, I haven’t spoken to them in days and now juju is in the US of Aiii, it will be harder to catch up til she’s back. But anyhooo, love you guys ;****

Anyhoo, that’s basically all that’s been happening, I better go do some laundry and fix what I’m gonna wear before going to bed. I have to wake up early tomorrow *cries*

Til next time ;*


  1. I know it’s been ages since I sat online and actually talked to anyone for such a long time! I hate how work did that to me, as well as dad’s situation. But I guess soon you will be able to see more of me online and get to talk to me. Well in a week or so.

    And I know your feeling about long hair weighing you down.

    I too am thinking of working out in the gym downstairs.

  2. Good to have you back, speciallt that your blog is not blocked at work for some reason! “fingers crossed” hehehehe

    Hows your back?

    I am so sorry to hear all this about your grandpa, and I still think you are handling things really well…. hang in there M! You can do it 🙂

    Cant wait to see the pictures!

  3. I understand you 100% about your back. I can’t sleep on the floor either. I have the same symptoms after like you: the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    Sorry to hear about your grandpa.

    Nice to have you back.

  4. It’s not hard to stay motivated to workout just started using twitter and it helps me stay on track cause I’m one of those “wont break a promise guys” you hear about 😛

  5. You have had a full plate for the past couple of weeks, hopefully you get some free time to unwind while the family is there to help you!

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