Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? A little girl puppy was born without any front legs, so specialists ended up fitting mini airplane wheels so she could walk properly. Each new “leg” can move on it’s own and go up and down.

Check out the video too:

One word… ADORABLE!


  1. two days ago while i was driving I felt i hit a street bump, and i was sure i didn’t see any, so i took a peek at my rear view mirror, and the shock ….. I had ran over a poor cat, I really felt bad about it, whts worse, it was wiggling its feet like it was trying to run, made my day horrible.

  2. @chika – yah true, she’s adorable though

    @Marzouq – it’s a giiiirrrrl & yah it’s good someone did

    @Amjad Mahfouz – ouch, didnt u stop? take it to a vet?

    @N. – technological advances eh?

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