My grandfather turned 82 on Friday, so this is why I’ve been AWOL for a bit. On Friday morning, my mom & I started baking, my mom baked a birthday cake & I baked cupcakes. I decorated 24 cupcakes as well as the birthday cake and it took FOREVER, but it was worth it to see my grandfather’s little face when blowing out his candles (video is uploaded to my personal facebook account, for those with access!).

We had no clue what to buy him for his birthday, so we ended up getting around 10 DVD’s for him based on the history of Airplanes, World War II and Ancient Cities. He really liked those and it gives him something to watch when he’s not snoring his head off 😛

On Saturday, my two aunts came over with ANOTHER cake, this time a huge double chocolate one so we ended up with 2 huge cakes and 24 cupcakes hahahaha needless to save, we have tons of leftovers!

It was a fun weekend, except the few drama’s that happened, which needs a whole other blog post in the coming days… I’ll leave you now with pictures of cakes & more cakes & some more 😛


  1. So many cakes, I wouldn’t know what to pick! :O

    *points to the random tweets*
    They’re all my tweets! Are you sure it’s random? 😛

  2. Oh MY GOD! How dare you post pictures of FOOOD!? *ducks and giggles*

    Anyways, I Luuuufss and the video is so adorable!

    Kil 3am oo ahwa ib khair oo ya36eech el 3afya :*

  3. Happy Birthday to your grandpa! Allah y5aleeh lukum inshallah!

    Those are nice lookin’ cupcakes mashallah!

  4. @Ansam – tell me about it, I was licking my lips looking at them hahaha & thxxxx 😀

    @Marzouq – yah he had fun, then fell asleep lol

    @Dreamy – thank you:D

    @3baid – hahahaha I’ll send you a goodie bag 😀

    @Zabo0o6a – they ARE! especially the buttercream icing with all the treats on top 😀

    @Swair – sowwwwi, you got hungry huh 😛 I have leftovers hehehe want one? thhhx cupcake he is adorable!

    @three-legs alice – thank you hehe

    @Shaymaa – thank you ;*

  5. Touching…

    Happy Birthday to your Granpa then 🙂

    P.S. I hate cake…but those look absolutely delish!

  6. WOW those are AMAZING, allah y’7alyh ow ya36yh el 9e7ah ow el3afyah,
    your cupcakes are sooooo yummy! aby!!;)

  7. wow! 82 years old! your grandpa sure deserved those amazing pastries is see in the photos! they look lovely and I’m sure they tasted even better!

  8. happy birthday to your grandfather…may he live to be a hundred (in great health)

    ur recipies are a delight…but may i please have the cupcake recipe as well as the icings and toppings…


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