Someone must really hate Pizza Hut. This afternoon, there was police everywhere, fire engines, navy bomb diposal units and a huge section of the road closed next to my apartment. A suspicious device was found in Pizza Hut that is seen from my bedroom window *shiver*

The worst thing was, I slept through it all! I’m still pissed I missed all the action!

& it was a false alarm btw lol


  1. false alarm as usual,, and the trick is to let u always think that its false so when the bomb is really there u wont belive it till u find yourself in heaven :p

  2. @Jacqui – actually I was tossing and turning 😛

    @Ansam – yah sorry, been busy the past few days, especially with my grandfather’s birthday and some other things that occured.

    @Marzouq – I never knew about it until it was all over!

    @Dodo – I really wanna know what the suspicious package they found was! I bet it was someone’s shopping!

    @Lavender© – maybe not if it was a real bomb *shiver*

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