The phone rang, my grandfather picked it up
The phone was still ringing
I looked over and he was talking into a tissue box wondering why no one was answering him
He looked and it finally clicked that it was a tissue box (after a lot of confusion)
He finally picked up the house phone and said “Hello?”
They hung up


  1. dear i’m so sorry:( .. that breaks my heart to pieces .. God give u strength and be with ur grandfather ..

  2. My sympathy goes for all.
    This is the hardest and heart breaking part of the ordeal when they become mentally disoriented and never recover.

  3. @nannOo – it broke my heart seeing it *Sigh*

    @Ansam – I know 🙁

    @Marzouq – nope, they didnt say anything about his memory loss and confusion.

    @kodder – 🙁

    @bee – thanks cupcake, it means alot *hug* how are u doing?

    @lieye – he’s very stubborn at the same time, so that makes things harder as well when you try to help him or correct him.

    @Enchanteurs – I really hope so, because I’ve really become worn out.

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