I’m currently in the middle of cooking (recipe will follow later) and as I was peeling potatoes for the side dish, I sliced the top of my index finger on my left hand off. Blood started pouring out and I kept running it under the tap but more blood was coming out. I then spent 5 minutes running around my grandfathers house looking for antiseptic cream, bandages and band-aids while blood was dripping all over *cries*

End Result = my finger hurts like a bitch, I’m typing really slowly, I still have to finish cooking dinner and chewy now finds my finger rather fascinating and enjoys licking the bandage lol


  1. OWWW indeed. Hope it feels a bit better now and salamtich!

    I once sliced a chunk out of my finger using a mandoline to slice carrots. It bled like you wouldn’t believe and hurt for days.

    Next time, wrap some tissue around it and apply pressure for a couple of minutes to stop the bleeding.

    In any case your dinner looked beautiful 🙂

  2. @chika – its stinging 🙁

    @kwt23 – yeah it was but it hurt to cut the food lol

    @Ansam – *cries*

    @Ms. Baker – oh the previous blog post with the steak was a few days ago dinner, tonight was roast beef 😛 I did apply pressure but the bleeding wouldn’t stop 🙁

    @Laialy_q8 – me too 🙁

  3. @Ansam – *cries*

    @Marzouq – I will, I’m freaked out with knives right now haha

    @rashisha – it didn’t hurt when it happened, it was when it started stinging!

    @Ruby Redux – So was I!

    @Jacqui – yep! I need to be careful

    @nannOo – yah he’s adorable!

    @komodo dragon – I hope so!

  4. Awh!! Salamat.. Be careful next time 7abeebty =* Don’t let that stop u from cooking practice makes perfect =) lol

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