What can I say about these 4 girls and their troubles? For years, I watched every single episode of their TV series, drooled over their wardrobes (well Charlotte’s anyway… y’know… classic, beautiful, simplistic, and refined) and the movie came back in a way to kind of put an end to the story, close a chapter if you like and it did.

In the movie we find out Mr.Big’s name which is pretty boring, I think I’ll stick to Mr.Big… I still wonder why he’s called Mr.Big…. but then again the movie does talk about sex (alot) so erm…. *giggle* There is alot of ups & downs, friendship tests, love stories, arguments and happy endings. I fall in love with New York everytime I watch Sex & the City and I’d love nothing better than to stroll through Central Park with a coffee and my camera.

To me, the movie may not be as amazing as the TV series, but it makes you think about your friends and how much they mean to you, the journeys you go through together and are there for eachother in good times and bad who mean much much more than any love in your life. And how could you forget all the outfits, handbags and shoes? Oh & naked men! What more could you ask for in a movie?

This is the ultimate chick (and gay) flick but I’m pretty sure straight men will enjoy it too 😉

[rating: 5]


  1. I will probably enjoy it just because of Samantha, lucky for you guys you get this type of movie.. some closure… I got nothing like this for friends.. which was even bigger and bolder..

    I will probably watch this movie and enjoy it!

  2. His name is Mr. Big because in the first Season in the first episode Samantha tells Carrie that he is so Big he’s gonna be the next Donald Trump. Samantha hit on him first and he let her down. Later That night he dropped Carrie home at night and that’s when the Most Amazing Series Started from Oh ya “Absofuckinglutely”

  3. @Ansam – you have too 😀

    @Sou – yalla yalla!

    @Marzouq – Friends sucked, I was never into it much. In the movie Samantha is erm different 😛

    @three-legs alice – yeah there review was nasty! Some of the outfits were hideious, but others ultra gorgeous.

    @Sushi – nope you never did, that was one big secret until the movie.

    @Rashisha – yah I remember the first season, how they met on the street and he found a pack of condoms, and him in the limo later on and the absofuckinglutely bit… just forgot how they came up with the nick hehe

    @TAT – hmm… a few sex scenes with boobs, nothing major… until later on and there is a scene that will make any straight girl blush!

  4. I dont see this is hapenning in Kuwait (having it in the theaters I mean)… so I have to get the original, or a very very good copy… or watch it when I travel LOL!

  5. Waiiiiiiiiii i want to see it!!

    Ansam… imagine law they released it in Kuwait’s theaters lol.. they would probably name it: AND the city .. o in arabic: walmadeena

  6. i believe in you michelle. if you say something is good, then it will be real good.. you have such a good taste in movies, books and musics.. so, definitely i will watch this movie! hehe lol!

  7. AAH the photos are so tempting, I dont think it will be available in Cinema, so am getting the DVD for sure when it’s going to be released XD

  8. Dodo LOL ee I know what you mean… even worse? el banat wal madeena! like mbc way of tarjama killa chithi! hehehe

    Dreamy… is it gonna be out in Dubai? Please let us know!

  9. Yeah know, I never really watched that show. =o Maybe because I was too young, or just never caught it on the t.v… would I be utterly lost if I saw the movie? hahaha. Well you make it sound good.. maybe I should see if anyone I know has the first season =P How many seasons are there? -_- I got really into Greys Anatomy right when they decieded to go on strike (the writers), hahaha… my good timing =D

    Oh, I was curious. I can’t seem to get in contact with my old hostee, so maybe lifeinpink might be dead *cry*, do you think maybe I could be a new hostee? For now.. or maybe ever =D Its ok if you say no, don’t worry =P Just was curious, because I know how much you love this place and keep it up to dateee, so I could always contact you if I need you 😉

    Well, just think on it.
    Toodles <3

  10. @Ansam – watch it when you travel lol

    @Dodo – you should and yah I dont see it coming to Kuwait lol

    @nono – lemme know what you think of it!

    @Dreamy – yah DVD is a must, then you can watch it again and again

    @Ansam – I’m wondering if it will be out in Dubai, there is graphic sex scenes in it lol

    @Natasha – you should watch thr TV series first, the movie will make more sense then & of course you can be a hostee

    @Swair – ok ok 😛

    @joud – yala! travel and see it hehe

    @PaLoMiNo – I’ll get to it soon 🙂

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