This afternoon, I decided to chill out in my grandfather’s garden to read a magazine and get some fresh air while trying to snap some pictures of chewy the doggy, which proved a little unsuccessful :angry: It was a nice day, pretty sunny but a little windy so I ended up coming back inside to watch some TV before cooking dinner for my grandfather. I’ll leave you now with some snaps 🙂


  1. Now that’s what I called a garden from heaven. Doesn’t your grandfather grow some veges and fruits in his garden?

  2. @Jacqui – a great time? not really… just wanted to escape a bit

    @chika – totally 😀

    @Marzouq – u idiot 😛

    @Ansam – I’d rather switch!

    @Swair – haha it was a little too windy to think about that 😛

    @Sunshine – the doggy is adorable 😀

    @Angelo – he grows vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, pea-pods, carrots, onions… no fruit 🙂

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