After our picnic at the Grand Canal in Versailles, I dragged my parents into the château to view all the royal apartments, art gallery and vast gardens amongst other attractions. It is such a beautiful place, the building is amazing, some of the décor is rather gawdy but I guess it was hot back in the 1600’s! I saw Marie Antionette’s bedroom and the feathers she used to dance with, the king’s bedroom, the dauphin’s (heir to the throne) room, the hall of mirrors, tons of paintings from the 1600’s onwards especially ones of Jeanne d’Arc (that’s Joan of Arc in English) and Marie Antionette. If you’re ever in Paris, make sure you go visit this place and pack a little picnic 😉 I’ll leave you all now with a massive amount of pictures, I just couldn’t cut them down any longer lol


  1. Amazing.. Brings back memories 🙁 Went there when I was like 12/13 .. Now everytime we go to Paris, my husband doesn’t like to go to museums and stuff.. glad I did that when I went with my parents! lol

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