On Thursday, it was a local holiday therefore since baba was off work, we decided to head to Versailles and have a picnic by the bank of the Grand Canal before dragging my parents around the château. It was so busy, full of families, friends and tourists all sitting having picnics, dipping their feet in the canal as well as cyclists and those who hired rowing boats up and down the canal. We made our own little sandwiches, baguettes of course, and sat munching and taking photos of my surroundings, as well as my dad snoring & me lying on my dad’s legs 😛

All in all, we spent nearly 7 hours in Versailles and I loved the place. Will post more about the château tomorrow as I have over 100 pictures that I need to choose from lol. I’ll leave you now with some picnic photos 😀


  1. @Marzouq – I agree, it’s a really beautiful place, so serene and peaceful!

    @Sou – aww thank you cupcake!

  2. *faints*

    Next time, you should take me with you 😛

    BTW, I just wrote a a small piece regarding the French. I’d really appreciate your comment and thoughts regarding what I wrote, especially since you are definitely more experienced regarding the subject than I am.

  3. Lavender© Reply

    I am truly in the WRONG bloody country!!! Babe… why would u even wanna live in the Gilf when u can have all that!!!???? Get a job in Paris!!! lol.. XOXO

  4. LOLz lovely /funny/beautiful pics .. in the sleepy pic there is a cute little girl waaay in the back looks really cute .. and ur pic is absolutely beautiful .. thnx for sharing
    I’m happy u’re havinh nice time 🙂

  5. Gorgeous! Really beautiful! 😀 Good that you had such a great time! It is packed, everyone seems to be having fun hehe thats something we don’t see around here much 😀

  6. @Angelo – done 😀

    @mishref – haha I’ll try but I don’t use a DSLR, I use Sony DSC-W200.

    @nannOo – yah the girl was near us, it was so cute 😀 Thank you so much, and I am having a great time. Sadly I’m going back tomrrow.

    @N. – Yah it was a local holiday and really sunny, so everyone goes for a picnic and to relax. It was a beautiful place.

    @:::ShoSho::: – thank you 😀

    @Shaymaa – I agree!

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