Yesterday was a crazy ass day, mom had some errands to run in Champs-Élysées and then we headed to Boulevard Haussmann to find some outfits for my mom to wear when she flies to New York at the end of May with my dad. They are flying to NYC, spending a week there and then they are getting the Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship and sailing back to the UK (lucky pigs!). So I had to find some evening dresses for my mom, I picked out 5 dresses and she ended up loving 3 of them and bought them… job done!

As we were meeting my dad later in the evening to go to the movies to see IRON MAN (see previous post for movie review), we decided to head into La Défense where my dad works and walk around the nearby shopping mall Les Quatre-Temps. We decided to go for something quick to eat and ended up in McDonalds before venturing into random shops passing time until dad finished work. I wanted to take more photos around La Défense so we walked around the Esplanade de la Défense and I was snapping away at the CNIT building and La Grande Arche de La Défense, not to mention a weird scuplture outside Les Quatre-Temps. Even though I’ve been to this area tons of times, I can’t help but take photos hahaha

Before we knew it, it was time to meet dad and he was hungry so we were walking around Le Dôme which is joined into Les Quatre-Temps to decide where to eat, as we walked past the Hippopotamus Cafe (the name cracks me up!) there was a table of 2 algerian-moroccan looking guys and they kept staring at me which freaked me out…. so my dad decided to stare at him back and that soon stopped him. My dad felt like having a cheeseburger, so guess where we ended up having dinner before the movie? McDonalds… AGAIN! 3 hours previous, my mom & I were eating cheeseburger happy meals and it was déjà vu all over again! I was so stuffed but mom didn’t want dad to know we ate at McDonalds for lunch so we kept that a secret and had to eat dinner there lol. I felt like I was going to burst!

After my 2nd McDonalds of the day, we headed into UGC Ciné Cité La Défense to buy the movie tickets and get some drinks before the start of the movie, where my dad then comes back with a huge box of popcorn, my poor belly 😮 but somehow I found space to munch some of it throughout the movie hahaha I’m seriously never eating that much junk in one day AGAIN!

& there you have it 10 hours of shopping, walking, movie watching and eating until near bursting! I’ll leave you all with tons of photos I took 😀


  1. @Sou – haha I actually thought of that, but my mom would have killed me hahahhaa I’m taking it easy today… skipped breakfast and lunch lol

  2. Fabulous pics mimi! I love’em
    and about junk! tell me about it…. I had a very nice dinner earlier but for dessert: One medium size cupcake, 3 cookies, and ice cream! LOL and now I want to have another ice cream..! and I would always make space for pop corn when in the theater hehehe lazim pop corn you know!

  3. Very nice design to the whole place, I went to paris a few years ago but didn’t see this place and didn’t know they played movies in English. I like the depth of color in some of those pictures. Very nice!

  4. WTF, The pics are amazing I couldn’t wait to read your post before commenting how great the shots are. Life is good!

  5. @Ansam – haha I can never say no to popcorn, salted with a huge cup of diet coke 😛

    @Jacqui – aww you will one day!

    @Marzouq – they have two film versions. VF is Version Francais and then VOST which is Version Original with Subtitiles. There are alot of tourists which come to this area as well as you can get an elevator up the Grande Arche and see amazing views of Paris.

    @rashisha – yah I’m loving it here!

    @mishref – haha thank u so much!

  6. @Lavender© – you should, especially when lulu grows up… auntie mesho will show her around 😛

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