I think summer is starting to reach Paris, it was 28 degrees celcius yesterday and really sunny so mama & I decided to go out for a little drive before heading to Carrefour to get some goodies. I love all the greenery around the place 🙂

Some of the houses and buildings look like you’re going back into a time warp, but I really love it here and am hating to go back to Glasgow (even though I haven’t booked my return ticket yet).


  1. I want to go to Paris, Mom was actually telling me why not we go for a 5 days there. Hehehe I am looking into a place to just chill and relax.

  2. we hate summer here in UAE eh eh eh loooolz but sure it’s nice in Paris 😉
    Nany niiice new look for your webbie Mabroook sweety ^_^

  3. @Sou – you should! think of all the upcoming concerts, but the wicked witch won’t let you 😥

    @Ansam – thx hunny :*

    @Jacqui – you shouuuuuuld but I’m leaving at the end of the week, I think 🙁

    @Marzouq – yah but I’m studying daily which is a pain in the butt, it’s not like I’m out and about all the time having fun 🙁

    @Pink Gurl – yah it’s nice in Paris, sunny and breezy 😀

    @Glitter – that’s good for europe hehehe it was 41 in Kuwiat yesterday 😛

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