I know I’m a big fat chicken but when someone bangs on your apartment door in a drunken state at 3:30am of course you’ll be freaked out!

It reminds me of the time I grabbed a knife and went to the door when someone tried to enter my apartment… maybe I shoulda put down the knife, but how was I supposed to know it wasn’t an innocent mistake? When I went to the door to look through the little spy hole, the dude ran away! It’s frikin scary living alone sometimes!

Another reason why I hate living in the UK


  1. It is scary living alone. I don’t know if I’ll ever lose that vulnerable feeling at night.
    While I haven’t answered the door with a knife, there were many times I had a baseball bat in my hand 🙂

  2. Be careful and get to know your neighbours (have their number to hand) but dont get Mase in the UK because:
    a. in UK law its the equivalent to a fire arm.
    b. in an enclosed space like an apartment block corridor you’re likely to suffer the effects just as much as the person you spray.

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